Applied Cognitive Science: Evidence into Practice


Online Course


15 Nov 2021





This course includes a range of remote modules, based on robust research and evidence, following a structure that over the length of the course covers:

> What does the research say?
> What are the implications for my planning?
> Examples, case studies and avoidances
> A chance for reflection – What do I need to do more of and less of to apply these principles of research?
> So how do I strategically put this evidence to work to give it the best chance of success?

Sessions will cover (in order of dates)

Memory – Research
Date: 15th November 2021
Time: 16:00 – 17:30

ST, LT, capacity, retrieval and encoding, dual coding & misconceptions

Explicit Instruction and Deliberate Practice
Date: 24th November 2021
Time: 16:00 – 17:30

Retrieval, Spacing, Interleaving
Date: 8th December 2021
Time: 16:00 – 17:30

Evidence and practical application

Generative Learning & Schema and considerations for the curriculum, lesson structures and varied examples
Date: 10th January 2022
Time: 16:00 – 17:30

5th asynchronous short module on Putting Evidence to Work and Strategic Implementation will be made available to all paying delegates at the end of this course to support with the application of Cognitive Science strategies in their schools and departments.

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“It is impossible to be metacognitive without having different cognitive strategies to hand.”
Sir Kevan Collins, previous Chief Executive Education Endowment Foundation



Jade Pearce

Assistant Headteacher & Evidence Lead As an assistant Headteacher at Walton High School, Jade leads on Teaching and Learning and CPDL. Her specialism is cognitive science and metacognition. This includes using understanding about memory and how we learn to develop effective teaching strategies. Jade has worked with teachers and leaders in many schools to embed this approach into their teaching and has generously shared her strategies, resources and model examples of how research translated into practical pedagogy. As a result, school leaders, teachers and more importantly students across the country have benefited from Jade’s work. Jade is also a member of the EEF’s Expert Voices Group and Cognitive Science roundtable group. You can follow Jade on twitter at @MrsPearce


Jez Baker

Associate Vice Principal & Evidence Lead Jez has been an integral part of the St Thomas Aquinas Senior Leadership Team since 2009, devoting his time to enhancing teaching, learning and the curriculum. He has always maintained a passion for the classroom and his subject discipline of Geography. Jez reads extensively about curriculum and metacognition and devotes much of his time towards focusing on how to implement change effectively in schools. Jez also has experience of working with schools in the wider Research School Network as a course facilitator. He loves to visit other schools around the country with the view that there is always so much for us all to learn from our colleagues in different settings. You can follow Jez on twitter at @jezbaker3

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