EEF Recovery (Free)


Online Course


04 Apr 2022



This new offer of two free 90-minute online sessions, will support schools to purposefully identify key development priorities for their setting in the wake of the pandemic. It will give guidance on using evidence to identify potential solutions to challenges schools are facing, and provide tools and worked examples of putting new initiatives into practice.

This offer is most suitable for schools or teachers who haven’t already been on Research School training in the last 18 months, and want to find out more about using evidence to support recovery.

Schools in the West Midlands can sign up now to attend these after-school online sessions, which will run monthly from January 2022.

The content explores current challenges, and models how to utilise EEF evidence, before clarifying how school leaders can engage further, with RSN and EEF activity such as a new and fully-funded training programme, and wider more sustained training and partnerships. These twilights will include:

  • Twilight 1 is a 90-minutes remote session – Exploring the challenges’. It has a focus on exploring the challenges of educational recovery, recognising school efforts, whilst signposting our relevant evidence and resources.
  • Twilight 2 is a 90-minutes remote session – ​Preparing and planning for recovery’. It has a focus on restating the value of the tiered model as a central lens to explore challenges and evidence-led approaches, with the twilight offering a more sustained exploration into how we ​ensure curriculum access’ via reading and a stronger awareness of language challenges.


Research Schools will be delivering 4 pairs of the same twilights for participants to access. Participants need to only select one pair and only the first 2 pairs of dates are available to book prior to the February half term. Multiple people from each school can sign up but each person is required to complete a registration via the link. The dates are:


These dates will be available to book after the February half term:



The Staffordshire Research School

The Staffordshire Research School at John Taylor has been a member of the Research School Network since 2019. During this time, we have supported many teachers, leaders and support staff through our professional development offer and bespoke partnerships with schools, Trusts and Local Authorities from across the Midlands and beyond.

The event is finished.