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Our CPD & Support Offers

Each year we provide a range of CPD offers through training that is accessible to all schools and through bespoke partnership programmes. You can find out more about these opportunities at our Staffordshire Research School (SRS) Events.

New EEF Implementation Guidance Report

This session is suitable for school leaders or aspiring school leaders.

We will explore the new recommendations which support school leaders to carry out implementation effectively.

We will discuss how to implement change in the most effective way so that it has the best possible chance of succeeding. The latest research and recommendations will be shared and reflected upon. 

This session will also be useful for anyone who has completed an NPQ to upskill themselves on the new guidance and research. 

Various Dates

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Empowering Schools to Build an Attendance Culture

An exclusive conference led by Wayne Harris.

Join us for an exclusive conference led by Wayne Harris, a distinguished attendance leader with a remarkable track record in enhancing attendance rates within both Primary and Secondary school settings. With over a decade of experience, Wayne’s expertise has propelled him to the forefront of attendance improvement strategies.

Starting from January 2024, Wayne Harris will spearhead a ground-breaking Professional Development programme aimed at empowering schools to foster a culture of everyone being responsible for school attendance.

Part 1:

The Post Pandemic World

Analyse the challenges confronted by schools, children, and families in the aftermath of the pandemic. Delve into the invaluable insights derived from esteemed organisations and explore evidence-based research from both the United Kingdom and International collaborators.
Part 2:

Create a New Attendance Culture

Understand how to cultivate a culture where collective responsibility for school attendance is embraced. Establish an inclusive approach to attendance, offering professional learning to staff in understanding their roles and responsibilities. Elevate staff comprehension by applying the professional development model and extensively investigate the learning modules to instil a new attendance culture.
Part 3:

Redefine your Approach with a Revolutionary Mindset

Explore the process of moving away from traditional ‘top-down’ leadership style towards a culture where everyone actively engages in school attendance responsibility. Acquire valuable insights into how the Domains of Practice, along with a seven-month development programme, can guide this transformation and foster a collective sense of accountability.

Benefits of Attending

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Expanding your EAL Teacher Toolbox

To ensure your lessons are inclusive and accessible for all.

This CPD package provides ongoing assessment and evaluation for delegates in relation to their existing inclusive teaching practice.

Looking at lesson planning through an EAL learners’ lens will help to to identify the scaffolding that is required within their curriculum for all learners to be able to achieve their potential.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

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CPD Curriculum Hubs

We are also delighted to work closely with and to signpost CPD offers from several specialist hubs and CPD providers from across Staffordshire, Warwickshire, and the West Midlands. 

Staffordshire Research School

Research Schools aim to lead the way in the use of evidence-based practice, supporting the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), an independent charity, in their mission to break the link between family income and educational achievement and improve teaching practice and pupil outcomes. The Staffordshire Research School at John Taylor has been a member of the Research School Network since 2019 and is one of 28 Research Schools (and 10 Associate Research Schools) that make up the Research Schools Network. During this time, we have supported many teachers, leaders and support staff through our professional development offer and bespoke partnerships with schools, Trusts and Local Authorities from across the Midlands and beyond.

National Professional Qualifications
Nathan Morland

JTTSHUB Director & Research School Strategic Link

Nikki Arkinstall

Research School Director

Stacey Jordan

Research School Operational Lead

Next Steps

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