A shared responsibility and professional purpose - developing the next generation of inspiring teachers.

Teacher training would not be possible without the engagement and inspiration of schools, their teachers and leaders and their students.

Supporting the development of the pipeline of new teachers is both rewarding and the responsibility of all schools.

Through involvement in teaching training, schools can showcase the wonderful profession, share their depths of expertise, provide development opportunities for staff, keep abreast of up-to-date and emerging research, and identify talent and address future recruitment challenges.

What can your school contribute to be involved in teacher training?

So, you've decided to take a step towards becoming a teacher...

…an excellent, rewarding, and progressive profession, but now you’re not sure where to start or of the routes available to you.

Well, we’ve got you covered. On this page, we clearly outline the current routes into teaching and achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). We will introduce you to the John Taylor SCITT and provide the details for regional and national accredited teacher training providers. In addition, we will signpost you to useful resources from the Department of Education and provide you with our contact details for further information.

What are you waiting for? The school bell is ringing!

How can Schools Engage in Teacher Training?

Hosting & Mentoring

Hosting extended training placements and mentoring trainee teachers – usually aligned to the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.


Hosting Intensive Training and Practice (ITaP) placements (typically between 1-5 days, up to 4 or 5 times across the year) focussing on a specific area of pedagogy or practice, or short enhanced experiences in Special Schools, Alternative Provision and Pupil Referral Units.


Supporting the delivery of teacher training programmes or ITaPs with ‘expert input’ (facilitation, mentoring, modelling, providing feedback), with an accredited/local provider.

Initial School Experiences

Host a potential applicant for one or two days to give them a taster of teaching and experience in a school.

What are the Benefits for Schools?

Supports the recruitment of new teachers and helps to grow the workforce – many trainees seek employment in their placement schools.

Professional development for staff, accessing high quality training, remaining up to date with the latest evidence-informed practices, supporting school pedagogical and curriculum development, and supporting motivation, progression and retention of staff.

Receiving funding for hosting placements and for mentor training.

Sharing expertise so those new to the profession have the best start possible and students have the best teachers and chances of succeeding.

Moral purpose to give back to the profession and develop the next generation of teachers for our students.

Are you a potential applicant looking to get into teaching?

National Initial Teacher Education Reforms from September 2024

This short Initial Teacher Education general briefing video explains the range of changes for all ITE providers in England that are effective from September 2024.

It answers the questions of:

Early Careers Framework
Play Video about Early Careers Framework
Play Video about CPD
*Please skip to 2 minutes 45 seconds for an explanation of the changes and WMITEP approaches

West Midlands Approaches to ITE from September 2024

The West Midlands Initial Teacher Education Partnership (WMITEP) is a collaboration of number of ITT and HEI providers in the West Midlands who have create a joined-up approach to support schools across the region with mentor training to:

Further Information

For further information about the recent developments in teacher training, please download the following resources or contact us using the button below.

JTTS Hub have collated a range of examples from WMITEP providers about what planned ITaP experiences may look like in 2024-25 ITE programmes.
A letter from the WMITEP explaining the changes to ITE and Regional collaborative approaches can be found here.
Find out more about the funding available to schools for mentor training and mentoring.

How can Schools get Involved?

Local TS Hubs

Contact your local Teaching School Hub for advice, to discuss the active ITE providers in your area, and how you could work with them.

Work with JT SCITT

Work with us, the JT SCITT, to provide placements, enhanced or initial school experiences in all Key Stages.

Offer a Placement

Looking for an explanation of what schools need to do to offer initial teaching training (ITT) placements from September 2024?

Contact Us

For further information about how you, as a school, can get involved, please use the button below to get in touch with us.

Next Steps

The JTTSHub, or JTSCITT, would be delighted to offer personal guidance, support and signposting regarding Initial Teacher training providers. Simply drop us an email or visit the JTSCITT website for further information.

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