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Little Sutton English Hub

Phonics and Early Reading Showcase

These full day events showcase best practice in phonics implementation and early reading pedagogy, giving schools a chance to reflect on current practice and identify areas for which in-school support or resource funding may be appropriate.

St John Bosco English Hub

Please see below for a list of St John Bosco English Hub sessions. Please use the book now button to reserve your place; include the name of the session you’d like to book and please note there’s a maximum of 2 places per school.

RL Session - Importance of Running Records

Diane Pye - Getting the Culture Right

Diane Pye - Reading Beyond Phonics

Chip Colquhoun from Epic Tales - Skills on Storytelling

Promoting a Love of Reading to All

The aim of the conference is to provide knowledge, understanding and strategies for providing more diverse and inclusive bookshelves, libraries and classrooms to promote a love of reading for all pupils.

Thrive Together Stronger Practice Hub

Thrive Together EYFS Celebration Conference

Let's Talk About

Talk with Tales for Children - TWiTCH

Talking Time

Birmingham & Central Midlands Computing Hub

Developing and supporting programming within your primary school

Programming is large part of the computing curriculum and one which is taught in each year group at primary school. This course will ensure subject leaders are confident in supporting colleagues to understand what primary programming entails; from developing simple algorithms to designing programs to meet specific goals and all the steps in-between.

North Mids Maths Hub

Secondary Subject Leadership

Primary Maths - Subject Leadership

Gateway Alliance

Early Years Conference: Nurturing our Children: How a Loving Pedagogy Supports with Levels of Increasing Need in the Early Years

Led by Tamsin Grimmer.

Children are arriving in our schools and settings with increasing levels of need, particularly in relation to Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) and Communication and Language. As educators we seek to understand the many influences and factors that impact our children, in order to respond appropriately.

During this conference, Tamsin will explore how adopting a loving pedagogy and relational approach can address these needs through nurturing our children and promoting their wellbeing. Recognising all behaviour as communicating needs, this conference will help you to feel increasingly confident when interpreting children’s behaviour and supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) and behaviour through positive relationships and mindful proactive responses and strategies. There will also be an opportunity to reflect on your own practice and identify strengths and areas for further development.

English Conference: Igniting Children’s Imaginations

Led by Neill Cameron & Ben Payne.

Writing is a concern in many Primary Schools as children struggle to make-up for lost learning in an aspect of English which can be tricky at the best of times. Although mastering transcriptional accuracy is important, we also need writers in our classrooms who are engaged and have something to say.

At this year’s conference, leaders will have the opportunity to have fun and think deeply about how to truly immerse students in the writing process.

SENCO Conference: Wonderfully Wired: Supporting Significant and Complex Needs Within a Mainstream Primary School

Led by Louisa McGivney, Lynn McCann and Laura Potter.

When children with complex needs who are autistic are in a class of many other children, it can be difficult for a mainstream teacher to know how best to support them, especially when they find it difficult to access what you may be doing with the whole class.

Our three guest speakers for the day will share insights, strategies, resources and examples of how to meet individual needs through effective communication, organisation and sensory support whilst having good curriculum provision, even for those who may not be ready for the National Curriculum. The day aims to increase confidence for SENCos in providing an appropriate, inclusive and communication friendly learning environment.

Central Midlands SLP

Teaching A level Biology for Non-Specialists

By attending this session you will:

  • Identify features and habits of successful A level biology students and be able to implement these habits inside and outside of the classroom environment to develop successful students;
  • Develop strategies to aid student achievement in terminal assessments through exam preparation and departmental planning;
  • Enhance your practice to develop post-16 biology students’ higher order thinking skills, provide enrichment opportunities and securing improved attainment;
  • Develop practical work to ensure students’ mastery of biological apparatus and techniques and supporting the practical work transition from GCSE to post-16.

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