We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with Ambition Institute, an excellent education charity, to deliver the new NPQ for Headship. Over a period of 12 months, participants on this course will develop and apply the knowledge that underpins expert school leadership, to become outstanding headteachers.

Benefit your school by creating confident teacher leaders, attracting and retaining staff and expanding your schools’ talents with a series of new, specialist NPQs.

Those doing the training will learn:

If you are interested in completing an NPQ, but aren’t sure which one, visit our NPQ page.

Next Steps

To apply, you must be a teacher who has, or is aspiring to have, responsibility for leading other educators to develop. You might support all teachers in your school, trainees or those early in their career.

If you are interested in registering for, or completing one of the Ambition Institute’s NPQs, with the John Taylor Teaching School Hub, then please email NPQ@jths.co.uk

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